The mission of the Alumni Association is to foster strong relationships between our alumni and the school; to establish and maintain a support network for alumni and current students; to cultivate a culture of philanthropy and giving; and to provide alumni with opportunities for participation within the Alumni Association and the school.

Alumni Events

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  • Feb

    Planting Seeds: A Panel of Fresh Perspectives to Take on 2021

    Join fellow 20s and 30s to hear from field experts how to plan and stay motivated as you take on new goals this year. Our panelists will cover a variety of topics including social justice, cooking, mental and physical health, spirituality, careers, and dating. After the panel, participants will head into breakout rooms to learn more about your area of interest. 
  • Feb

    Learning Series for Alumni

    Join us for our next alumni learning event taught by Dr. Kay. RSVP to and we'll send you the link!
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Other Events in NYC

Events geared toward Jewish 20s and 30s in NYC. (Please note: Events are not affiliated with the Alumni Association.)

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  • Jan

    Virtual Bar Trivia with B'nai Jeshurun's Aviv

    Looking to hang out with friends and meet fellow 20s and 30s during this time of physical distancing? Miss going to your weekly bar trivia? Miss having a drink or grabbing a coffee with friends? Join your fellow 20s and 30s for virtual happy hour with B'nai Jeshurun's Aviv! Register here with a team or request to join a team.
  • Jan

    In-Person Packaging

    Join Repair the World at B'nai Jeshurun to package infant care kits to be donated to Little Essentials. Little Essentials offers at-risk families living in poverty urgently needed children’s supplies & parenting education to promote the health, well-being and safety of their young children. Following package assembly, volunteers will debrief the project and learn more about the recipient organization. Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic this event will be outdoors with limited heat and there will be no bathrooms available. Please come prepared! Learn more and register here.
  • Jan

    True Colors

    Join Temple Shaaray Tefila for a special (virtual) theatrical storytelling event to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. True Colors is a livestreamed play about the beautiful ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity of the American Jewish community today. It is a production by The Braid (formerly, Jewish Women’s Theatre) and introduces us to a half dozen or so unforgettable Jews of Color who tell humorous, revealing and inspiring personal stories about their Judaism, how they see themselves and how others see them. Run time is approximately 65 minutes with a talkback following the performance. Learn more and register here.
  • Jan

    Virtual Women's Well Circle for 20s + 30s: Shevat

    JCC Manhattan's monthly Well Circle is intended to be a consistent community where we will bring together the practice of wellness and holiness, with the intention of learning about yourself while cultivating meaningful relationships within your community, and uncovering personal connections to inherited wisdom and rituals.

    Inspired by Rosh Chodesh, the ancient Jewish ritual in which women traditionally gather to mark the new moon/ the first day of each Hebrew month, each gathering will provide a safe space to share, find clarity, and create as a group. The gatherings will be uniquely crafted and inspired by the moon's phases/Jewish month's themes. Learn more and register here.
  • Jan

    Everyday Moral Dilemmas with Rabbi Avi Strausberg

    Wrestle with everyday moral dilemmas, the sorts of which we each encounter all of the time in our lives, through the lens of traditional Jewish texts. In this course at B'nai Jeshurun, we’ll consider questions like: “If and when is it okay to shame someone else for the sake of protecting another,” and “Are there instances in which it is not only permissible to lie but in fact necessary?”

    We’ll pose these everyday moral dilemmas to classic Jewish sources and see what, if any wisdom, they have to offer us when confronted with these questions. In doing so, we’ll attempt to not only answer the dilemmas before us, but suggest a model for what it might look like to turn to Jewish texts for guidance on pressing questions of our times. Learn more and register here.
  • Jan

    Who Wants $2.69 with Martin Urbano?

    Comedian Martin Urbano hosts this twisted take on a quiz show, full of dark and silly humor, many laughs per minute, and hilarious cringe moments you’ll never see coming. What’s at stake? $2.69 from Martin’s pocket PER QUESTION! Tune in and comment live as fellow JCC 20s + 30s attempt to win cash by answering hilarious trivia questions posed by comedian Martin Urbano (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central). 

    Event link will be sent the day of the event. Interested in being a contestant? Enter into the contestant lottery by emailing Contestants will be notified by Jan. 15 if they are selected. Register for the comedy show here.
  • Jan

    Self-Care in the New Year

    Boosting your physical and mental health can be challenging these days. Join UJA-Federation and hear from a panel of experts to discover a holistic, integrative approach to managing stress and achieving overall wellness. Learn more and register here.
  • Jan

    20s + 30s Virtual Israeli Graffiti Tour and Workshop

    Join JCC Manhattan for an interactive virtual tour of the art and graffiti of the Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel with expert guide Niro Taub. In this workshop, we will learn to understand the language, tools, and various styles of street art which have developed thanks to advanced technology, and the works and the artists in the international community as well as the timely topics that Israeli artists choose to create art around. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to create their own work of graffiti and as we examine what components of our personal and collective identity we choose to represent in our works. We will discuss the creative process of graffiti and touch on the various levels of the essence of what is Israeli, as well as local current affairs. Learn more and register here.
    About Niro:
    Niro Taub is an artist and graduate of the Faculty of Visual Communications at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. His special brand of guided tours integrates the fascinating world of design and the arts. With more than 20 years of experience as a tour guide working in both Hebrew and English, in Israel and around the world, Niro is known for the creative and visionary artistic tour-guiding aids that he has designed. His unique method of tour-guiding places an emphasis on experiential and memorable excursions, which use the language of art and design to cultivate a better understanding of the contexts at play – history, culture, society, and current affairs – in the locations the tours take place.
  • Jan

    Pivoting in a Pandemic: How to Remain Positive and Authentic IRL and Online

    Join UJA Young Leaders for a conversation with Jessica Abo, best-selling author of Unfiltered, about presenting our best selves on social media, ways to use our platforms for good, and the impact social media has on our well-being. Learn more and register here.
  • Jan

    Learning with Aviv (BJs 20s + 30s group)

    Take some time at the end of the day to engage in Jewish learning with Aviv. Join fellow 20s and 30s for a series of learning opportunities, taught by BJ’s rabbis and rabbinic fellows, on relevant contemporary issues in life, love, and Judaism. This session will be taught by Rabbi Roly. Learn more and register here.
  • Feb

    Storyslam: The Masks We Wear: A Night of Intergenerational Storytelling

    The Selma and Lawrence Ruben Center for 20s + 30s and The Wechsler Center for Modern Aging present a night of intergenerational storytelling. Join JCC Manhattan for an evening of stories as community members take the virtual stage and share true, personal stories. In celebration of Purim, we'll be focusing on stories relating to the "figurative" masks that we wear. Grab your masks and groggers, get comfy, and get ready for some good old fashioned story time. Learn more and register here.
  • Feb

    When Things Fall Apart: A Theology Rooted in the Real with Rabbi Aviva Richman

    Our immediate reaction when things go wrong may be to doubt or to turn away from God, to sever the relationship because it feels outside and out-of-place in our real experience. But what if our connection to God is, in fact, rooted in those very experiences. In this three-part series at B'nai Jeshurun, we will study core motifs in texts from classical midrash to hasidut that insist that our relationship to God grow out of, and not in spite of, the reality in which we find ourselves, however “unideal.” Learn more and register here.
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