Essential Oil Workshop: Lower Your Stress, Be More Productive

COVID-19 has turned our work lives upside down. And many of us now working from home find it’s a real challenge to focus and and be productive. The last eight months have also brought stress and increased anxiety. Are you worrying more than usual? Is your anxiety manifesting physically? Belly aches? Sleeping issues? Heart palpitations? Is it disrupting your home/work life and making you feel overwhelmed and depressed?

With Amy Galper, founder of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, we'll discuss how the holistic nature of essential oils can have a profound effect on how we respond to the stress and anxiety we all face on a daily basis. She'll share practical and effective essential oil tips and tools, and highlight specific oils that have been shown to reduce anxiety. We'll also learn easy and actionable tips on how to use essential oils while at your desk, to improve focus and help you get your work done.

The cost of this workshop includes an essential oil kit, which will be sent to you prior to the program. Please register by November 27 to receive your kit in time for the program. 
Lower School Campus (K-5)
30 Dellwood Road
White Plains, NY 10605
Upper School Campus (6-12)
555 West Hartsdale Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10530