No Day School Background?

How Does Akiva Work?

In the Middle School, Akiva students are typically in a separate Hebrew class while being integrated into regular Judaic studies classes, which are taught in English.

In the High School, Akiva students are in separate Hebrew, Tanakh (Bible), and rabbinics classes.

Students remain in the Akiva program for as long as it serves their needs. Some students integrate into regular classes quickly; others continue to benefit for a longer period. We do what works for each student.

Please contact Lisa Bennett, Akiva coordinator, for additional information about the program.

Lower School families should please contact Director of Lower School Admissions Diana Schutt Franklin to learn about integrating students with no day school background.

Emily '19

This year, I didn’t just change schools and make new friends, I was able to step outside my comfort zone and have such a great outcome of a school year. I am so happy that I found a deeper connection to my religion that can only continue to flourish as the years go on.

Annie '21

After my first year as an Akiva student, my perspective completely changed, and I truly found out the meaning of being Jewish. Being Jewish challenges us to be more spiritual, and more compassionate people.
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