Lower School

Lower School

The Lower School provides an ideal setting for students to develop as individuals with a lifelong passion for learning. We strive to maintain a warm and nurturing learning environment, while providing each child with a challenging, well-supported instructional program infused with Jewish values. A strong home-school partnership is vital to each child's development and we encourage parent collaboration in all that we do. Every member of the Lower School faculty and staff is invested in our students reaching their greatest potential and becoming the best they can be socially, emotionally, and academically.

Cross-Disciplinary Integration

We have a unique approach to integrating across various disciplines from engineering to social studies to Judaic studies. Examples include teaching nonstandard measurement when studying Noah and using social studies research as an opportunity to discuss how native people -- whether in North America or the land of Canaan -- develop culture based on their environment. In our MakerSpace, students have the opportunity to apply engineering skills and make meaningful interdisciplinary connections. Through problem solving, creativity, and collaboration, students are gaining experience that sets them up for success in all facets of their lives, inside and outside the classroom. Click here to view our curriculum guide.

Constructivist Learning

We emphasize an integrated, student-driven model for learning. We provide flexible learning environments for students with different abilities, passions, and needs. Students construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiential learning and then by reflecting on their learning experiences. Through critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration, we are fostering thoughtful and compassionate leaders of the twenty-first century.

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  • Student Services

    Each grade has an embedded learning specialist who provides tailored instruction for students who could benefit from additional support.
  • Enrichment

    We offer a comprehensive enrichment program for advanced learners in all grades. Individual students also engage in curriculum-related enrichment projects
  • Values-Based Learning

    Students start their day with mifgash boker (morning meeting), which focuses on the strong link between academic success and social-emotional learning.

Yahadut (Judaic Studies)

Students study Chumash (Torah) and learn about the upcoming chagim (Jewish holidays). Students participate in tefilah (prayer) each morning and share in foundational Jewish experiences that nurture their neshamot (souls). Students also welcome in Shabbat each week with their classroom kehilah (community) and discuss the weekly parashah (Torah portion).

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  • Afterschool Programming

    At the Lower School we have a variety of afterschool offerings each day for students, including: Aviation Club, Golf, Cooking, Basketball, Martial Arts, Painting, Ultimate Frisbee, Quilting, and Zumba. We offer complimentary afterschool library with homework support from general and Judaic studies teachers.
  • Beyond the Classroom

    Every grade participates in trips that provide primary research opportunities to enhance our classroom learning. These include: mapping and graphing businesses in local communities; seining in the Hudson River at the Beczak Center for the Urban River; and churning butter and carding wool at Philipsburg Manor. Other sources of primary research include members of the community such as local community leaders and parents who are authors, engineers, city planners, and physicians.
  • Chesed

    With our #WeDoChesed initiative, the Lower School encourages family participation in weekend and vacation acts of chesed. These include deeds such as visits to the elderly, bringing food to food pantries, beach and park cleanups, and baking cookies to bring to a local firefighters. Our #WeDoChesed initiative has enabled families to increase their own acts of chesed exponentially and has inspired more and more families to take on more chesed.
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