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Welcome from Michael Kay, Head of School

Imagine yourselves outside on a beautiful sunny spring day, watching with tears of pride in your eyes as your twelfth-grade children, bedecked in green caps and gowns, stand arm-in-arm with dozens of their best friends. They have recently returned from the journey of a lifetime: eight extraordinary weeks with their classmates and gifted guides, following in the footsteps of our ancestors and immersing themselves in the contemporary societies of Poland and Israel. They are now preparing to graduate from High School and assume the mantle of community leadership for which they have been so diligently prepared. In that moment, who do you want your children to be?

Most importantly, you want them to be caring world citizens of strong character, committed to embodying the values with which they have been imbued throughout their lives. You likely want them to be bright, inquisitive scholars, prepared to discuss the major issues of the day with eloquence. You are eager for them to be confident, accomplished learners, having been challenged by a rigorous curriculum and already accepted to one of the top universities in the country—where they will immediately take on crucial leadership roles in advocacy, journalism, and other areas.

Perhaps you aspire for them to be gifted athletes and supportive teammates, still celebrating a league championship. You may want them to be talented artists, actors, musicians, and public speakers. You might want them to be creative engineers, trained in four state-of-the-art makerspaces to solve the world’s intractable challenges with ingenuity and fearlessness—perhaps with a U.S. patent application or two already under their belts.

In that moment, you might want to ensure that your children are committed members of the Jewish community, skilled in analytical study of our sacred texts and eager to practice with joy. And you likely want them to excel in building relationships, having spent 13 years with adults who are passionately invested in their success and classmates who will remain by their side decades later.

At The Leffell School, we share your vision for the development of your children as multi-talented, community-building, future leaders driven toward the betterment of the world—and by the time our seniors don those green caps and gowns each year, we ensure that they are prepared to embody this vision. Located on two lush, 25-acre campuses in Westchester County and drawing students from the Tri-State area and metro New York City, The Leffell School attracts hundreds of families who choose us from among many of the top schooling options in the world. We are an independent school that is deeply committed to socioeconomic diversity and to meeting the needs of students with a wide range of learning styles. And we are a Jewish day school that is anchored in traditional Jewish observance, culture, text, and language, while embracing a broad spectrum of Jewish ideologies and promoting full immersion in the modern world.

We are driven by a passionate refusal to ask our families to compromise on the elements of a schooling experience that are important to them in order to pursue a Jewish education—and a commitment to ensuring that all members of our community feel on a daily basis that a Leffell School education is the best possible investment they can make for their families.

My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you for a visit to our campuses—and ultimately to joining you on graduation day, overwhelmed with pride and optimism about the people your children will have become.

Michael Kay

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  • Michael A. Kay, PhD

    Head of School
At The Leffell School, we share your vision for the development of your children as multi-talented, community-building, future leaders driven toward the betterment of the world

Our Mission & Core Values

The Leffell School, a Kindergarten through 12th grade independent Jewish day school, is set apart by our comprehensive, intellectually rigorous dual curriculum that empowers and cultivates each student in mind, body, and soul. Through the teaching of Jewish values, critical thinking, and openness to new ideas, we inspire our students to achieve academic and personal excellence, preparing them for college and the ever- changing world beyond.

We are a kehilah, a caring community that fosters the joyous practice of Jewish life. We instill in our graduates the confidence to navigate life's journey with a strong moral compass and apply their passions, knowledge, and skills to the betterment of the Jewish people, the United States, Israel, and the world.

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    אהבת ישראל

    Showing our love for and commitment to the Jewish people and the land and the state of Israel as central to Jewish identity and continuity
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    גמילות חסדים

    Responsibility for establishing a better world through exemplary behavior, leadership, and acts of kindness
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    Embracing diversity and respecting ourselves and others as we are created in God’s image
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    Taking responsibility for our community as the context for meaningful Jewish lives
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    תלמוד תורה

    Instilling a love for continual learning through balanced study of Torah and general studies
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    תפילה ושמירת מצוות

    Observing Jewish traditions and prayer to provide meaning and joy in our daily lives

History of The Leffell School

The Leffell School Board of Trustees 2021-2022


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  • Jason Friedland

  • Joel Alsfine

    At-Large Vice President
  • Karen Estrin

    At-Large Vice President
  • Giselle Weissman

    At-Large Vice President
  • Ian Dumain

    Governance Vice President 
  • David Glick

    Finance Vice President
  • Jeff Teitelbaum

    Development Vice President
  • Barry Lovell



  • Michael Benn
  • Ella Chinitz
  • Lynette Goldberg
  • Ben Golub
  • Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner
  • April Klein
  • David Landau
  • Joel Levin
  • Thomas Mukamal
  • Michael Perl
  • Robert Promisel
  • Heather Rabinowitz
  • Milos Silber
  • Laurence Stein
  • Rochelle Tarlowe
Lifetime Trustees
Michael Leffell
Gabriel Nechamkin
Ex Officio Members of the Board
Dr. Michael A. Kay
Allison Kellman
Magan Mullino Schain
Lower School Campus (K-5)
30 Dellwood Road
White Plains, NY 10605
Upper School Campus (6-12)
555 West Hartsdale Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10530