The Leffell School is a warm and caring environment where students are invited to think creatively and analytically from the day they walk into their kindergarten classroom. Our dual curriculum enables students to think critically in two languages and provides them with a strong foundation in both secular and Judaic studies. From academic classes to holiday celebrations, to experiential learning and nurturing of body and soul, our students gain a breadth and depth of knowledge and are infused with a strong sense of pride as they explore their Jewish and American heritage.

More Than an Education:  A Foundation for Life

The Leffell School is a welcoming and inclusive community in which passionate educators are dedicated to bringing academic excellence and a love of Jewish life and learning to students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our goal is to nurture the development of individual identity, build ethical character, foster the discovery and pursuit of passions, and fully prepare students to thrive on the college campus and in the workplace. The Leffell School students excel in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the playing field, and on the stage and ultimately become leaders in the greater world.

Dynamic Curriculum

Our students learn to think, write, speak, and create in both English and Hebrew. From the engineering lab to the beit midrash (Torah study center), they become critical thinkers and readers, articulate speakers, and analytical and creative writers. Every year our students achieve National Merit recognition and earn admission to dozens of the country's premier colleges and universities.

Individualized Education

Students with a wide range of academic abilities, learning styles, interests, and talents thrive in our classrooms. Differentiated instruction that includes flexible and fluid learning groups is a regular part of classroom life. Our support services team incorporates learning specialists, enrichment specialists, psychologists, counselors, a speech and language pathologist, and an occupational therapist. Weaving together skills learned in general and Judaic studies, STEAM courses (including engineering and computer science classes across all grades), the arts, athletics, and a broad array of co-curricular programs, our students are well prepared to meet the demands of the twenty-first century world.

College Counseling

The Leffell High School is committed to finding the right college match for all students by providing individualized and group advisement on the college admission process. Our goal is to work with students and families to find the right fit of school that will provide each of our students with the living and learning environment that will enable them to thrive.

Student Services

We know our students as individuals with their own passions and needs, and we work to provide an academically, emotionally, and socially engaging, challenging, and supportive program for each child. Our task is to use information about the whole child and harness the resources of our faculty to help every student to grow and meet his or her potential as she or he navigates the challenging world of childhood development.

Beyond the Classroom

Class and grade trips, community service, rich extra-curricular offerings, and student government are just a few of the experiential learning experiences that encourage our to students to question why things are, think about how things might be, and work toward change to insure that they develop knowledge, skills and confidence.

Faculty Spotlight

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  • Jennifer Lividini

    Jennifer Lividini is in her tenth year in the High School English Department at The Leffell School. She loves the dynamics in the classroom because of the small class sizes and the warm, funny personalities of her students. She finds it a joy to watch them discover a more mature appreciation for beautiful language in both reading and writing. Jennifer strives to create a place where all voices are welcome and all ideas are heard. She enjoys mixing a love of all the arts into the curriculum, particularly in her exciting senior elective "Literature of Lyrics." When she isn't in the classroom, you can find her down at the music suite singing and collaborating with some of the talented student musicians in the building, which is her greatest joy. After the school day, she likes to unwind at home, relaxing with her husband and her favorite "Barney-boy" Labrador retriever.
  • Yael Seidemann

    Yael Seidemann teaches Hebrew and Judaic studies in the fifth grade at the Lower School. Yael employs creative methods for teaching Hebrew, such as card games, songs, Hebrew plays that the students perform for their kindergarten buddies, and daily Hebrew meetings about student interests. In Chumash, Yael encourages the students to put themselves in the shoes of Judaism’s famous scholars by comparing their interpretations to those of Rashi and other great commentators. Yael, more commonly known as “HaMorah” (the teacher) Yael, began at The Leffell School in 1994. Both of her children, Jon and Shelly, are alumni of the school, having attended from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Yael’s greatest joy is having the pleasure of teaching siblings and several generations of Leffell School students and meeting the wonderful families that make up our school community. Yael’s gorgeous Jewish papercut designs have appeared in Hallmark Card’s Tree of Life collection. She spent much of her childhood as a Yemenite Israeli basketball star with a great two-hand set shot. Yael is also an avid Syracuse Orange fan.
  • Saul Zebovitz

    Sometimes it seems like Saul Zebovitz is involved in everything in the Middle School. He teaches Programming and the Engineering and Design course for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, as well as Rabbinics. He is also involved with tefilah and has staffed the eighth-grade Israel trip five times and counting. But he may be best known for his ties — he owns well over 400 ties, many of them connected to school events, holidays, or that day's lesson, and he never wears a tie twice within a school year. Saul's favorite thing about teaching in the Middle School is the opportunity to get to know students outside of a traditional classroom setting as they grow into their own and explore their developing opinions, skills, and identities. Saul believes that students should know their teachers as people as well — so his students all know that he loves basketball and Scrabble, roots for any sports team from Philadelphia, and can always be relied on for a quality dad joke.
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