The Leffell School is a warm and caring environment where students are invited to think creatively and analytically from the day they walk into their kindergarten classroom. Our dual curriculum enables students to think critically in two languages and provides them with a strong foundation in both secular and Judaic studies. From academic classes to holiday celebrations, to experiential learning and nurturing of body and soul, our students gain a breadth and depth of knowledge and are infused with a strong sense of pride as they explore their Jewish and American heritage.

More Than an Education:  A Foundation for Life

The Leffell School is a welcoming and inclusive community in which passionate educators are dedicated to bringing academic excellence and a love of Jewish life and learning to students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our goal is to nurture the development of individual identity, build ethical character, foster the discovery and pursuit of passions, and fully prepare students to thrive on the college campus and in the workplace. The Leffell School students excel in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the playing field, and on the stage and ultimately become leaders in the greater world.

Dynamic Curriculum

Our students learn to think, write, speak, and create in both English and Hebrew. From the engineering lab to the beit midrash (Torah study center), they become critical thinkers and readers, articulate speakers, and analytical and creative writers. Every year our students achieve National Merit recognition and earn admission to dozens of the country's premier colleges and universities.

Individualized Education

Students with a wide range of academic abilities, learning styles, interests, and talents thrive in our classrooms. Differentiated instruction that includes flexible and fluid learning groups is a regular part of classroom life. Our support services team incorporates learning specialists, enrichment specialists, psychologists, counselors, a speech and language pathologist, and an occupational therapist. Weaving together skills learned in general and Judaic studies, STEAM courses (including engineering and computer science classes across all grades), the arts, athletics, and a broad array of co-curricular programs, our students are well prepared to meet the demands of the twenty-first century world.

College Counseling

The Leffell High School is committed to finding the right college match for all students by providing individualized and group advisement on the college admission process. Our goal is to work with students and families to find the right fit of school that will provide each of our students with the living and learning environment that will enable them to thrive.

Student Services

We know our students as individuals with their own passions and needs, and we work to provide an academically, emotionally, and socially engaging, challenging, and supportive program for each child. Our task is to use information about the whole child and harness the resources of our faculty to help every student to grow and meet his or her potential as she or he navigates the challenging world of childhood development.

Beyond the Classroom

Class and grade trips, community service, rich extra-curricular offerings, and student government are just a few of the experiential learning experiences that encourage our to students to question why things are, think about how things might be, and work toward change to insure that they develop knowledge, skills and confidence.

Faculty Spotlight

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  • Sharlene Knel

    Sharlene Knel, chair of the Middle School Math Department, is in her 23rd year as a member of the Leffell School faculty. She is known for creating an environment in which students see the connections between mathematics and their everyday lives, become independent problem solvers, and feel comfortable taking risks. Many of her students develop a previously untapped love for math in her classroom. She is a master mentor for other teachers and crafts lifelong relationships with her students and their families. Sharlene appreciates the opportunity The Leffell School provides to expand her knowledge of Judaism and explore her spirituality. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her two granddaughters.
  • Ariel Simon

    Ariel Simon teaches Judaic studies and leads the Mysticism and Kabbalah prayer service in the High School. His creativity in the classroom is fueled by an eclectic array of personal interests. An avid gardener (he grew 12 varieties of heirloom tomatoes in his backyard this past summer), he also plays the electric bass, reads DC comics, and is a major Mets fan. Ariel appreciates the fact that The Leffell School’s mandate that Judaic studies courses be both personally engaging and intellectually rigorous constantly challenges him to upgrade his materials and utilize new methods of pedagogy. He loves beginning each day in the Mysticism and Kabbalah service, finding that the invigorating singing, dancing, and divrei Torah (student-delivered words of Torah) make this the first time he has "experienced the power of daily tefilah (prayer) to be transformative.”
  • Emily Bramowitz

    Emily Bramowitz, in her fifth year at The Leffell School, is the team leader for second grade. A graduate of Duke University who holds a master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education, Emily runs an inquiry-based classroom that incorporates many small-group projects, particularly in social studies. She is an avid skier, most recently skiing Mt. Bachelor in Oregon, and as a Pittsburgh native, looks forward each year to rooting for the Steelers. This past summer she took up golf and has already started playing in the LPGA Amateur League. Emily’s favorite part about teaching at The Leffell School is the enriching student experience that is created through collaboration across disciplines — particularly literacy, writing, and math — as well as the incorporation of art and technology.
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